Bluetooth is simple but powerful wireless technology that can be easily learnt in under one hour. Ezyblue supplies top of the range bluetooth module development kits to assist with this process.

Bluetooth is available in two types - classic (version 2) or low energy (version 4). The classic modules have been around for a while and are easy to setup and use. Ezyblue supports the Bluegiga WT12 low cost, WT11 mid range and the WT41 long range modules.

With the Classic modules, these all run iWrap firmware which allows for setup using the serial port with a default baud rate of 115200. Type SET\r to view the settings and INQUIRE 5 NAME\r to discover all bluetooth devices within range within 5 seconds and return their name. Other features of the Classic Bluegiga WT modules are AUTOCALL mode (autoconnect with a timeout), MULTIPLEX mode (up to 7 simultaneous connections), 6 PIO lines - peripheral input/output, and SPP, HID and BGIO profiles along with audio profiles.

With the BLE low energy v4 modules, the firmware must be programmed using a Texas Instruments CC debugger. The low energy module uses a master/slave setup.The firmware can be written in Blueguga script (.bgs files) and also contains several xml setup files. All BLE modules are supplied preprogrammed. The BLE modules are low power, small profile and also low cost.These modules are complex which is why the USB-BLE112 module is so useful.




Item DataSheet Cost Cost for 2 Shipping Paypal
Blue Terminal Free ESD Terminal Manual 0 0 0 COM1-3 ZIP FILE 6.0MB
Blue Terminal ESD Terminal Manual 20 - 0
USB-WT12 ESD Terminal Manual 79 129 20
USB-WT11 ESD Terminal Manual 100 Email 20
USB-WT41 ESD Terminal Manual 105 Email 20
USB-BLE112 ESD Terminal Manual 79 129 20